More Than One Dental Implant Surgical Procedure

The zygomatic dental implant procedure is but one. Because there are a number of procedures that dental implant surgery lakewood patients may be referred to. These procedures could also be related to complicated matters arising. For instance, the zygomatic implant could be ruled out in the event that the patient’s jaw is not able to support the new dental implants. Let’s briefly review a few of these procedures.

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The bone augmentation is required in the event that the patient’s jaw is no able to support the new dental implants. In a case like this, bone additives could also be used. This would be done to fortify the bone. The sinus lift will be adding bone below the sinus. This will be done in the event that original bone in this area has deteriorated. And the deterioration would have occurred as a result of missing upper back teeth.

The ridge expansion is given due consideration when the patient’s jaw is just not wide enough for the placement of new dental implants. It is here that the dentist or orthodontist will be grafting material. This material grafted will be added to a space created along the top of the patient’s jaw. It is deemed that all three of these techniques will ultimately work.

They will work for the purpose of making space for the new dental implants. But in the extreme case that either one of these techniques is deemed to be unfeasible by the presiding dental practitioner, yet more techniques could still be given due consideration. Finally, 3D technology is no longer something new. It is widely in use and is now popular for the purposes of making an accurate diagnosis.

What the presiding examiner will be viewing is a 3D model of the patient’s dental structure.