Modified Cars

If you are planning to modify your car, it is important to know what is allowed and what is prohibited. It will be useless to spend your time, money and energy on this process only to realise in the end that you cannot take the modified car to the road. You may have altered or added something that is not allowed. You may have changed the characteristics of your car so drastically that it is now considered an unsafe vehicle for you or for other road users. Important parts like a propshaft universal joint should not be altered in this process.

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What Is a Modified Car?

Modification of a car means changing it in such a way that it is no longer in its original new condition. The modification may have been done by changing the characteristics of an existing part, by replacing a part with a different part, or by adding an additional item.

The Purpose of Car Modification

Cars are modified to improve performance, appearance or usability. Some car owners want to make their car more powerful. The goal may be to make the car run faster on the racetracks. It will require improving safety features as well. The fuel system is changed so the car can run on a different type of fuel. Business owners alter their business cars for trade reasons. Cars are modified mostly for personal reasons. The vehicle is modified so that it matches the personality of the owner. A car must be modified before it can be used conveniently by a physically disabled person. People who transport special items for which their car is not designed first modify their vehicle for the purpose. Some car owners improve the structural strength of their car to minimise the risks of damage and injury.

Who Would Modify a Car?

It is the car owners who modify their car. Changes are carried out depending on the owner's specific needs, preferences and goals. Private owners modify their cars for personal reasons while business owners modify their cars for business purposes. Car owners participating in car racing or shows are allowed certain types of modifications. There are even car shows where completely modified cars are showcased. Companies and fabricators operating in the business of car modification often modify cars to showcase their creativity, capability and skills. They take their modified cars to car shows where such vehicles are showcased.

What Parts Do People Often Change When Modifying a Car?

It depends on the car owner's specific purpose and goal. A car owner may want only minor modifications like changes in the reflectors or in-car entertainment system. Changes in suspension and brakes are serious things and should be handled only by expert technicians. Other items that are often changed or modified include the wheels, tyres, lights, number plates, exhaust system and body.

What Are the Key Components of the Car?

The key components of the car include steering, fuel system, wheels, brakes, transmission, chassis, body, horn, reflectors, lights, tyres, seats and storage systems.

Make sure the modifications you have planned for your car will pass all safety tests. The modified car must comply with the local transport laws. A car that has been modified significantly requires reassessment from the local transport authority before it can be taken to the road.